Replacement Locks by Alan Key Locks


There are a number of reasons why you would want to change your door locks:-

You have lost your keys

You are locked out.

You have just moved home or office

You believe someone has a set of keys who are unauthorised to have them

The door lock is broken or faulty


The main two types of lock associated with these doors are:

Cylinder rim locks Mortice locks Cylinder rim locks are commonly known as Yale locks.

There are two ways in which this type of lock can be replaced or repaired.

If you have lost your keys or it is only the cylinder which is set in the lock housing is damaged but the main lock housing is working we will change this part only and provide new keys, which is a cheaper alternative to replacing the complete lock.

If the lock housing is broken or damaged we will endeavour to repair it, if this is not possible I will replace the entire lock including the cylinder.

Mortice locks come in various types and are recognised by the amount of locking levers within the lock. Insurance companies insist on a five lever mortice lock conforming to BS 3621 When replacing mortice locks we would always advise to have a BS approved five lever lock fitted.


These doors can have one or any combination of all the locking types mentioned above.

I also supply and fit GARAGE DOOR locks and WINDOW locks.

UPVC door locks come in various types and are generally known as multi-point locks.

The number of locking points vary from lock to lock.

Thermal movement associated with UPVC doors, can cause locking mechanisms to become jammed due to the large number of keeps fitted.

In the majority of cases the door may only require re-towing and heeling to rectify the problem, however if a new lock is required, this will fall into two main parts The euro-cylinder, The Multi-point Lock.

If you have lost your keys or want a new lock then it is only the euro-cylinder that will need to be replaced.

Generally this will not need replacing if the multi-point lock is broken or faulty If the multi-point lock is broken or faulty then due to the array of locks fitted to these doors the chances of a locksmith having a replacement lock on his van is remote.

A second visit is normally required once the type of lock has been identified following the first visit.